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Aceh Manuscripts Collection Historic Objects

Manuscripts Collector Aceh, Tarmizi A. Hamid spent half the age of his property and to preserve the heritage indatu . Acehnese children and grandchildren so that later we could read the ancient books written by lelehur them .

Efforts to save the codex ( manuscript ) who was born in Aceh continued Pidie , this June 6, 1966 . Even now the Civil Servants ( PNS ) in one of Aceh ‘s government agencies have established the Aceh Institute for Manuscript Rumoh addressable Lotus Road , No.08 / A , Adang Kayee Ie Masen , Banda Aceh .

Obviously Checks Midi ( her nickname ) told the media some time ago at his residence in Banda Aceh , Rumoh background of Aceh Manuscripts ( currently being renovated ) on 28 April 2010 , because he wanted to fulfill his promise to the people of Aceh , Aceh that 482 manuscripts of this collection the general public can read .

” If it used to be a collection of my manuscripts is more personal because I keep at home . If private , people hesitate to visit my home . As I promised before , this text is intended to generation onwards with the aim of collecting as many manuscripts of Aceh to the future , academics , students , researchers , and lovers can study the manuscript codex of this , “said the husband of Nurul Husna again .

Rumoh his manuscript Aceh is not only to display all his collection of ancient manuscripts , but also as a place to keep , mendistorasi , conserving manuscripts , revertasi , digitization , documentation , and as well as the publication of the codex itself.

For it is with open arms, Chairman of Aceh Rumoh Manuscript received with pleasure if anyone wants to donate or leave Aceh ancient manuscripts Manuscript Rumoh them in Aceh to be maintained and preserved and not damaged and can be read generation onwards.

” Manuscript evidence wisdom Aceh , the Acehnese past intelligence . Also the values ​​of intellectual scholars of the past . Well , according to my own people of Aceh need to know what the left and passed the first Aceh. So it must have Rumoh Manuscript Aceh , “said alumni of the Faculty Pertaniah Kuala University showed this while ancient texts that collection results.

According to the story Midi Checks, Manuscript By writing traditions Islamic thinkers in Aceh at the start of the 13th century until the 20th century, based on the writing itself, Aceh received peak kegemilangnya highly developed in the 17th century through the manuscript .

With a sense of concern, so that it can continue the legacy of his ancestors read, then in 1995, this sweet black man hunting and collecting historical relics Aceh, from one to two and now has hundreds gathered. ( Sal / Saniah LS )