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AnTranquil Pria Laot Waterfall


Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria Laot Waterfall is becoming a new tourist destination for people who are first time coming to Pulau Weh and are happy with a beautiful natural panorama. At this waterfall, you can not only see clear water and cool air, but you will also find the beauty of unspoiled forest.


SABANG is not only rich with exotic beaches and underwater parks, but it also offers a waterfall tour. If you are visiting Kilometer Nol ( Km Nol), you do not forget to stop first at Pria Laot Waterfal. This tranquil waterfall is located in the upper of Mount Sarung Keris, which is about 12 Km from the center town of Sabang. The water flows into the Pria Laot River. The air from the Mountain is so refreshing when you walk along the forest, before reaching to the waterfall.


On Sunday afternoon at the end of May 2014, team from Aceh Tourism saw several kids bathing in a pool of 10 square meters. They enjoyed the fresh water falling from about 10 meters. Big rocks and trees are towering surrounding the pool. There were four wooden lizards stuck in the tree. They were like sculptures.


The access to the Pria Laot Waterfall is relatively easy. From the national road heading to the Km Nol, you have to turn left after Meunasah Pria Laot. You can park the car near the bridge in front of the drinking water company. If you are going by the motor bike, you can park it at residential houses locating near the water pump for Rp 2,000.


Visitors can walk through the concreted path that will guide them to the Pria Laot Waterfall for more than 1 Km. On the left side there is the river. You will breath fresh air from protected forests. Quite often you can see few species such as butterflies and birds between the rustling leaves.


After walking through concrete path, then you will walk through the mossy rocks. There will be several bridges that clear up your eyes when seeing the flow of water from the river below. But the fatigue that you got from walking to the Waterfall is paid shortly when you arrived at the location of this Pria Laot Waterfall.


Here, you can take a shower or just feel the beauty of the woods in the upper mountain, as it had been done by several domestic tourists who were brought by Dayana, a staff from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Sabang. (Team).