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Melt water or rounded roots and Flowing

He, Said Akram, one of the national calligraphy painter who remain in the middle of rush storm Indonesian contemporary painting. The man...


Riman cap Peci Nobility Aceh

Cap Riman | Saniah LS Riman cap is a typical product of traditional Acehnese cap. Riman cap is a kind of cap worn by men nobility Aceh...

Perajin Rencong

Peering craftsmen rencong baet mosque in the village

Not Afdhal it when they travel to an area without carrying mementoes or souvenirs typical of the area. Usually the goods into the hands of...


Suiseki stones Ranked First in Indonesian Aceh

  Collecting rocks, for the rock collector, becomes its own satisfaction, because the types of rocks that were collected, the talk was...