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Banda Aceh City Towards Religious Tourism

The world’s Muslim population has reached 1.6 billion of the 7 billion people. There is a big trend changes in tourism, religious tourism which is better known as sharia tour. Indonesia to take part to promote tourism to travelers who come from outside.
Aceh, which was once the largest Islamic center in Southeast Asia is currently one of the provinces in Indonesia, which impose Islamic law. Enforcement of this particular law into his own appeal for the capital of Aceh in general, and the city of Banda Aceh in a specific scope to attract more tourists.

In addition to the application of sharia law in Aceh is also known as the starting point of the history of the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia, the beautiful nature, the wealth of Islamic culture, and heritage sites are also tsunami. It becomes capital for tourism stakeholders in Banda Aceh, such as Musafir Tour & Travel is managed by Mujiburrahman in introducing religious tourism in Aceh, particularly in Banda Aceh.

Tourists from Southeast Asia became the main target of the program is the development of religious tourism. But he acknowledged the attractiveness in terms of religiosity in Aceh still minimal promotion. “There are still a lot of tourists outside who have not received information about Aceh. That is the potential that we should have more tourists coming, “said Mujiburrahman.

He said Malaysia issued 14 million tourists per year. Approximately 1.6 million visited Indonesia in 2013. “But only 10 thousand tourists visiting Aceh in the year,” he said.

Mujiburrahman argues, is not only Muslim countries open sharia religious tourism or tourism. European countries are also promoting this religious-based tourism. Muslim travelers, he said, wants to travel comfortably, and get kosher food with emphasis on no sex and no alcohol. In Europe, travelers can get food Package Muslims. “The concept of sharia is bermusafir see the greatness of God,” said Mujiburrahman.

In religious tourism, Mujiburrahman said, the main thing is the convenience and peace of mind in traveled. Demand not only Muslims, but non-Muslim people are also searching for this travel package.
In Aceh, religious tourist places worth visiting has an appeal that is unique and different from other areas. In Banda Aceh, places like Baiturrahman Mosque, Aceh museum, the tombs of the kings, the tomb of scholars besarSyech Abdurrauf As-Singkili or known as Shi’ite Kuala, tsunamis mass graves, and numerous other places of choice for Muslim travelers. This coupled with the traditional Islamic educational institutions such as Power Tanoh Abe, and foster mother-dayahs salafiyah in almost all areas of Aceh is a relic of the greatness of Islam that has more value to travelers in mind.

Mujiburrahman said the tourists can see the direct model learned dayahs salafiyah in Aceh, which is the only method of boarding school in the world. “In Aceh there are still many traditional Islamic schools, while in other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia have been very few in number,” said Mujiburrahman.

In applying the concept of religious tourism, according Mujiburrahman it brings tourists visiting dayah-dayah that housed orphans and conflict victims of the tsunami in Aceh, in addition to places like Baiturrahman mosque and several other places. “Usually tourists who wish to visit the boarding school for orphans who rarely visited,” he said.

In an effort to promote the attractiveness, Mujiburrahman travel along with some other owners have established the Aceh Islamic Tourism Board of (BAIT) or Islamic Aceh Tourism Board. Travel-travel took advantage of sharia world tourism trends. Mujiburrahman also said the Ministry of Tourism will be promoted as a tourist destination Aceh sharia tenth in Indonesia. Previously, he said, Aceh did not become one of tourist destinations in Indonesia sharia due to lack of promotion at the national level.

“To our travelers often say, which distinguishes Aceh with other places in Indonesia such as Bandung is in addition to sightseeing, tourists can Aceh worship,” he said. He wants to make the whole of Aceh as one house of worship for the Muslims of the world. [Yanti Oktiva]