Bupati (Mayor) Simeulue: Investors are facilitated to get licensing | Aceh Tourism

Bupati (Mayor) Simeulue: Investors are facilitated to get licensing

in order to support Simeulue to become one of the national and international tourist destinations, as well as making the tourism sector as a major income revenue for the region, Bupati Simeulue along with his staff are now very active in building and promoting tourism to domestic and foreign tourists.

“We are designing the potential of tourism development plan with the concept of natural, traditional, original, and spiritual. This concept will be the hallmark of Simeulue tourism for the future, “said Drs H Riswan NS to Aceh Tourism in Sinabang.

The government of Simeulue is now accelerating the development of supporting facilities that make convenience to the travelers who come here. “Simeulue apparently needs a five-star hotel. At the moment they are only guesthouses and resorts available for tourist/guests. If there are investors interested to invest in Simeulue, we will facilitate them to get licensing relatively easy”, Riswan promised.


Simeulue has great potential with beautiful landscapes and this definitely will attract investors to invest, particularly in the tourism sector. In addition Simeulue has heterogeneous society.


Riswan is confident that the accelerated development in the tourism sector will impact on the economic development in various sectors. Because of that he promised that investors should not hesitate to invest in the region.

” Insya Allah, in 2014 we will be splitting the hill, so the runway in Lasikin Airport can accommodate much bigger planes which eventually they can carry more tourists/guests visiting Simeulue,” added Riswan.

For sea transport, Riswan mentioned that they have contacted the ASDP (sea transport board) in Jakarta to add another fleet, so the sea transportation via Labuan Haji (South Aceh) and Aceh Singkil can sail everyday (Saniah LS).