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City Park for A Family Tour



Taman Sari, Gunongan, Putroe Phang, City Forest BNI Tibang, Tourism Park Krueng Aceh, and Jember Beurawe Park are several ecotourism parks that may refresh you and your family.

Spend time in city parks has been a trend for the city dwellers, particularly in Banda Aceh. The city province offers several city park options to help boost your energy after workdays from Monday to Friday.

Taman Sari in the city center, in front of the Municipal Building, is the perfect leisure spot for you and your family. Without having to pay more, the city tourism provides kids playground and affordable culinary dishes.

It is located near the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, approximately in Teungku Abdullah Ujong Rimba or Abu Lam U Street, and always crowded in the afternoon waiting for maghrib (dawn prayer) to arrive.

There are many public facilities provided by City Governance of Banda Aceh. Clean restrooms, kids playground, benches, mushalla, free WiFi, gallery, up to library with various books. The spot of Proclamation Monument in Taman Sari adding its historical character.

The other city park object you can enjoy with your family is Gunongan. Not far from Taman Sari, in the west, you can walk by foot or by labi-labi (small public transportation).

Gunongan is a clean white structure resembles a flower petal. The history behind it was a love story between Sultan Iskandar Muda and Putroe Phang, a princess from Pahang Kingdom, Malaysia. Many Malaysian tourists come to witness this historical evidence of close relation between Aceh Kingdom and Pahang Kingdom in Malaysia.

Next to Gunongan is Putroe Phang Park. It was originally located in Gunongan  compound, but then separated due to arrangement of urban landscape. During the Sultan’s era, it was a playground for Putroe Phang. A clean and beautiful landscape fills with visitors. An art performance is played every Saturday and Sunday for free.

Putroe Phang Park also a green landscape. We can visit here to walk the path of leafy trees lining up along the way, enjoy the breeze in the bench, or sight seeing across the Krueng Daroy river round up the Pinto Khop, a historical mark in the park’s center.

While kids can have their time in the playground, parents who love fishing can fulfill their hobby in Krueng Daroy, where freshwater fish ready to eat your baits. Restrooms are also well provided.

If you love jogging, a special jogging and cycling track is provided along the Krueng Aceh riverside, the Krueng Aceh Tourism Park. It is located right infront of the Banda Aceh Police Resort office.

A brief visit to city parks is a lot of fun for you and your family, since Banda Aceh provides nice options to enjoy. If you want to escape from the traffic in the city roads, you can spend a family holiday in Gampong Tibang City Forest.

This city forest is located next to the beautiful Krueng Cut river heading to the Malaccan Strait, where Sabang island can be seen from a far. The forest park is not far from the main road but it has a safety fench for kids. In the edge of the bridge, mangroves line up around the stream that makes it look like a big pond. Small fish appear in the surface once in a while.

Various types of flowers are well cared and beautifully displayed. In the morning, several fishermen’s boats along the river will accompany your moments of enjoying the leafy trees and flowers of the pretty landscape.

Last but not least, you can spend a leisure time to embrace the dusk in Krueng Aceh riverside, Beurawe, Kuta Alam Sub-district. You can rest in the long bench at Beurawe Bridge, or shortly called Jember, the best spot to call it a day.

The city parks scattered in some spots help to reduce the air pollution in this capital province, and provide people with fresh air and wonderful landscape without having to leave the city. (Siti Zulaikha)