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Coffee tradition ala Aceh

Coffee culture in Aceh was pre . Until now moldy coffee shops in every corner of the city and countryside. Coffee shops in Aceh is like a second home, a place haven for men.

For most people in Aceh , drink coffee in a coffee shop has become a part of their routine needs, aka addiction . From this habit the term , ” ka Kupi opium ” which means it’s coffee addiction .

Addiction is what makes the coffee addict in Aceh must spend some special time several times a day just to enjoy a cup of coffee .

Acehnese are people who put together . The coffee shop is a public space into a place silaturrahmi rope tightened . So do not be surprised if they travel to Aceh saw the coffee shop was never empty of visitors .

In addition , many other habits grow in a coffee shop . Moreover, newspapers are always available in the average coffee shop . So that certain issues are not addres