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H. Harun Keusyik Leumiek Collectors and Cultural

pedang keuchik leumik

Pedang Keuchik Leumik

Aaron Keuchik Leumik figure is a figure that complit, multi-dimensional. He is well known as the owner of a gold shop in Aceh. After studying a few records of his life journey, it is no exaggeration if he Seba ¬ gai artists, collectors, businessmen, journalists. Acehnese community leaders and at the same time. Haji Harun Keuchik Leumiek born in Banda Aceh on 19 September 1942. His formal education is the university Faculty of Economics, Uni ¬ Shiite Kuala until Semester I. Furthermore, business knowledge he pela ¬ finger directly involved in the family business. Since the 1950s the man who collects historical objects have to have a business craft store gold and gold. World wrote his men ¬ ulis done since 1970 – by being the reporter’s Pulpit Organization in Banda Aceh, Medan Public Pulpit Daily Reporter, and Daily Reporter Field Analysis, which is still practiced.His interest in ancient items ranging diwu ¬ manifests with collecting antiques and be willing ¬ looted relics especially in Aceh since 1980. One of the collection had been used in the making of the film Chritine Judge Cut Nyak Dien, directed by Eros Djarot. sejarah geuchik leumikHumanists and historians Aceh and also as a collector of historical objects savior recorded Aceh has collected more than 300 ancient types of jewelry made of gold Aceh. In addition to the ancient gold, Aaron Keuchik Leumik also collected 30 crape Aceh, Aceh 13 royal seal, five

geuchik leumikQur’anic handwriting from the 13th century, the weapon’s sharp 100 pieces, and 600 pieces of coins kingdom of Aceh All valuables dikumpulnya for 30 years The in ¬ shelf in his Mini Museum.The goal is that one day their grandchildren can see the heritage of Aceh. “I want our children teru ¬ all young people of Aceh, learn and appreciate the art and culture of Aceh through art objects are sep ¬ erties me this collection,” he said briefly to the media. nSal