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How Getting Up to Sabang?

Talk Sabang, there is no doubting its natural beauty. As the islands, this area has become an icon of marine tourism in Aceh. With the diversity of marine life, Sabang is a piece of paradise on the western tip of the province of Indonesia.

If you are from outside of Aceh, Pulau Weh to get this, Banda Aceh is the main entrance and you can reach from two points of arrival. Namely the Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport if you go through the air, and Bus Station Batoh Banda Aceh when riding the bus. Here we present the transport of information here so that your vacation more comfortable and well-planned. 

Batoh-Lheue & Ulee Blang Bintang – Ulee Lheue

From Batoh, you can rent some type of public transport available in the terminal to take you to the port of Ulee Lheu. There rickshaw engine for between Rp 35 thousand to 50 thousand. Labi-labi similar transit public transportation in other cities worth using if you are traveling with a group of up to 15 people. The transport price ranges from 100 thousand to 150 thousand. Furthermore, there are taxis that fix the price of between Rp 30 thousand to 50 thousand. While other alternative transportation from the terminal to the Port of Ulee Lheue Batoh is motorcycles. The price ranges between Rp20 thousand to Rp30 thousand.

Of Sultan Iskandar Muda airport, you can go to the port of Ulee Lheu using Damri transport, taxis, and motorcycles Besak. Using DAMRI you have to spend their money amounting to Rp 15 thousand to $ 25 thousand per person which will take you directly to the port of Ulee Lheu. Taxis are also widely available at Sultan Iskandar Muda airport. If using public transport, you have to spend costs between Rp 50 thousand to $ 70 thousand.

To be satisfied, you are encouraged to offer price matching before using various transport services on top.
Banda Aceh’s Ulee Lheue-Sabang Port Balohan
Arriving at the port of Ulee Lheu, Banda Aceh, ferry ticket booths easily found around the harbor waiting room. There are two types of ships in this harbor crossing, which is a fast boat like Express Bahari and Pulo Rondo. With these two ships you just take the sea route within 45 minutes. For ticket prices, you have to spend Rp70 thousand for economy class, VIP class A Rp85 thousand, and 100 thousand VIP class B.

For slow boat, by ferry boat ride that took about 1.5 to 2 hours crossing. Ticket prices Rp25 ribuper people. If the two-wheeled vehicle you are charged Rp30 thousand per vehicle. While the four-wheeled vehicle 200 thousand.

The advantages of using the ferry is you can mingle directly with the people who use the transportation. In addition, you also enjoy the view of the sea between Banda Aceh and Sabang. You can also see a direct view of the city of Banda Aceh from the sea and dozens of small boats belonging to fishermen who are searching for fish in the sea.

Arriving at the port Balohan, Sabang, you can take advantage of the shuttles were already there. Many transport in Balohan ready to take you around Sabang with a very beautiful tourist destination. [Rahmat]