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Island of Love, Island of Memorable Longing

“Doing the small things best, Start with yourself, Start from small things, from now on,” This is the motto of the Government of Simeulue.

Amazing..! This is the word that was conceived spontaneously when KMP Teluk Sinabang (a ferry) which brought Aceh Tourism together with hundreds of other passengers began to enter the Bay of Simeulue. This journey in the mid of October 2013 for Aceh Tourism in Simeulue Island was like seeing a piece of heaven on earth.

Located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Province of Aceh, the District of Simeulue is an archipelago area. With a dozens of islands offering natural charm, this area is very exotic for tourists. Simeulue not only has range of tourist sea attractions but it has also lush tropical forests and a friendly strong cultural community. This makes the District of Simeulue as one of the best tourist destinations in the Province of Aceh.

The Simeulue archipelago is about 85 miles off the coast of Labuhan Haji, South Aceh, which is the location of the port that connects the mainland of Aceh to Simeulue. In addition there is also a sea connection between Singkil and Simeulue. However the sea connection between Labuhan Haji and Sinabang is the most congested sea transportation lines. In order to get to this exotic region, it can also be reached by airplanes, in which there are air connections between Medan and Simeulue and between Banda Aceh and Simeulue.

Three days and two nights trip

The District of Simeulue is an island which has a million beauty. Its natural beauty with a cluster of islands and beaches, offers the beauty of the wealth of underwater lives, culinary delights, and the hospitality of its people.

When landing in the Port of Sinabang, Aceh Tourism were welcomed by local government officials, lead by the vice of Bupati. Clearly we could see how friendly the people of Simeulue. The rain had just halted when we paraded with the government officials along the road to the Town. About 15 minutes in the car, we arrived in a small town with shops on the left and right side. Many residents greeted us and waved their hands. This is clearly a sign of friendly and open customs of local people to guests who are coming to Simeulue.

This was revealed when the Aceh Tourism Team visited this island in order to attend the invitation of Bupati (Mayor) Simeulue, Drs H Riswan NS for covering of a series of activities in respect of the 14th Anniversary of Simeulue. In order to respond this invitation and for the covering of a wide range of potential and natural beauty of the Simeulue Island, the Team departed from Banda Aceh by road, by passing several districts in the west – south coast of Aceh using public bus. The next morning the Team arrived in the port of Labuan Haji, South Aceh. From this port at 21:30pm, Friday night, we started to cross the Indian Ocean, with the distance approximately 85 miles, or for about 8 hours using KMP Teluk Sinabang (a ferry).

After we enjoyed the atmosphere of the night and had a rest for several hours in KMP Teluk Sinabang, we could see clearly the beautiful scenery of the sea as dawn was breaking. Shortly after that there was a sunrise coming and shone brightly around the Indian Ocean in the morning.

From the ship that we were sailing while enjoying a warm cup of coffee morning, from the distance there was the land beginning to appear sorrunded by a cluster of beautiful small and large islands around it, such Siumat Island, Long Island, Stone Sailing Island, and several other small islands. Shortly after this the KMP Teluk Sinabang docked at the Port of Kuta Batu, East Simeulue.

Shortly after the ship sounded loudly as a sign of the ship had been docked, the exit door of KMP Teluk Sinabang was opened by several crew ship. At the harbor the Aceh Tourism Team, a famous Aceh Artist, Rafly, as well as groups of art from West Aceh and Gayo Lues in respect to entertaining the people of Simeulue for the celebration of the 14th anniversary of Simeulue were greeting by Vice Bupati Simeulue, Hasrul Edyar S.Sos M.AP and his staff.

The entourage did a tour a city Sinabang for half an hour with Vice Bupati Simeulue and then stopped at Pendopo Bupati Simeulue. The entourage after that were greeting by Bupati Simeulue, Drs H Riswan NS. ” Every guest who comes on this island we will honor them with a warm well come. Please assume Simeulue Island as your hometown and please forget your actual hometown while you are being here”, said Riswan in his speech.