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Keep in Aceh Besar Tourism Promotion

Benteng Indra Patra

DISTRICT Aceh Besar has many interesting attractions , both marine tourism , arts and culture , spiritual and is a favorite culinary tourists visiting Aceh Besar.Berbagai Among the tourist attractions and Lampuuk Lhoknga Beach , Niagara Suhom in Lhong and some beautiful panoramas which can be enjoyed all the way from Aceh Besar Geurutee to the foot of the mountain which is the border of the district with the Aceh Jaya district .

Regent Mukhlis Basyah Aceh Besar , Aceh for Tourism, said in the northern and eastern coast of Aceh Besar are also an interesting attraction . In this area , he said , tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach Ujong Aquaculture Development , which is never empty of visitors .

” Not only the coast , in the region there are also attractions such as the castle ‘s past history Indra Patra , ” said Mukhlis Basyah . This castle is a relic of pre- Islamic Hindu kingdom set foot in Aceh . Besides Indra Patra , in this area there is also a bastion of Iskandar Muda , Ie Suum tourist hot , Inong Balee fortress , the tomb of Admiral Malahayati , as well as the natural beauty of the hills Lamreh .

In addition to coastal areas , in the central region of Aceh Besar there are also attractions that are not less interesting to visit , such as the old mosque and the old library Indrapuri Tanoh Abe in Seulimum . Indrapuri old mosque built on top of the castle Indra Puri Hindu relic in Aceh . While many libraries Tanoh Abee save manuscripts in the form of books of Islamic scholars work in Aceh .Mukhlis Basyah Bupati Aceh Besar

” And many more . Actually we are rich in attractions , it needs a vigorous campaign to attract tourists , ” said Adun Mukhlis , greeting familiar Mukhlis Basyah . Government of Aceh Besar , he said , welcomed and appreciated huge majalahAceh Tourismyang to promote and introduce a variety of cultural attractions and art Aceh , Aceh Besar District in particular .

Adun Mukhlis admitted during the many cultural attractions and art are largely unknown outside of Aceh , especially tourists from abroad . ” Creative and innovative ideas that promote the potential dariAceh Tourismini and cultural attractions should be appreciated , ” he said . ” So we have tourism potential grow faster. “

The Government and the people of Aceh Besar, said Adun Mukhlis , always waiting for the coming of the tourists who visit and enjoy all the attractions and a wealth of art and culture in Aceh Besar .

” Our expectations of the visitors were satisfied with the various advantages of the Aceh Besar district , ” said Adun Mukhlis Tourism denganAceh end the conversation . [ ]