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Kilometer Nol (Km Zero of Indonesia)


Kilometer Nol (Km Zero of Indonesia)

The first thing to do for most people coming to Pulau Weh is to go to the Kilometer Nol (Km zero of Indonesia). The location of this place is approximately 30 kilometers from the center town of Sabang, or about 1 hour drive by road which is passing the protected tress.
There is an opinion that it is not complete to go to Sabang if you are not visiting monument Kilometer Nol of Indonesia. Sabang located in the west and Merauke in the eastern part of Indonesia are often echoed in many national ceremonies. Indeed both are used in the lyrics of the national anthem. The existence of this Monument has been a popular tourist attraction of Sabang.


Previously when Aceh Tourism visited this location at the end of 2011, hordes of monkeys greeted the arrival of guests. Travelers even had to withstand thirsty because there was no one sold softdrinks. Fatigue visitors would at the end feel good when they enjoyed the view of the sunset over the Strait of Malacca.


But since January 2014, the monument Kilometer Nol (KM 0) of Indonesian has been changed. There were no more naughty monkey gangs. And the letter for “Kilometer Nol Indonesia” stands in front of the monument. This written picture is similar to as what it is found in Losari Beach in Makassar.


Furthermore in May 2014 Aceh Tourism visited the monument Kilometer Nol and found a number of tourists pictured together with showing the letter Kilometer Nol Indonesia as the background. It was very photogenic. Indeed this monument with the height of 43.6 meters still bewitches visitors.

A tourist from Jakarta Sarah who is time coming to the Weh Island, took a chance to look around the monument Kilometer Nol. She has spent several days in Sabang to dive and enjoy underwater park. And finally she ended her tour in Weh Island by visiting this monument.


After enjoying the Kilometer Nol monument, Sarah went down and joined her friends who were enjoying a drink in the shops along the lip of the road. Several shops also are selling authentic souvenirs from Sabang, such as t-shirts and cakes.
The monument of Kilometer Nol Indonesia was inaugurated by the Vice President Try Sutrisno in September 1997 It is in the southern island of Weh, about 30 Km from the city center. The road to get there was rather quiet. But you will enter the protected forest area which is quite refreshing.


Lastly, you do not forget to get certificate as a proof you have visited the monument Kilometer Nol in Sabang from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Sabang, as a collection that you’ve been to the point of zero Indonesia. (Makmur Dimila)

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