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Kincir Long Beach Sabang

RINALDI AD PANTAI KINCIR PULAU WEHkincir long beach is one of considered potentially destination in Sabang. It is located not too far from tapeun layeu beach and Indonesian KM 0. From Sabang town we can start to move from Kuta Bawah Timue, it is called as Pasiran. In just a few minutes, we find crossing, then we chose to the righ, then we have entered in perikanan. After that we find a climb that is not too steep till we come to cot batree village. whenwemetwith theintersection or crossing, take the right way, the place is called krueng Raya. Inthe middle ofthe roadwe will meetwith paya seunara’s health center or local people say as PUSKESMAS. in Just a few minutes letter we entered to Cot Damar, till we find the junction, go to the right and we come to Pria Laot, then slightly uphillroad that call as Cot Brung. Without spend a long time we have entered to Gapang Beach. As long as we go through this place we don’t find any crossing street, so we just go straight to the highway. Before we go trough Iboih, we find the junction,just continue to take the highway. without spend a long time we come to Kincir Long beach which is marked by several home stay.

Kincir long beach is a pleace where we can enjoy the slow life, dive,and to forgetthe burden ofthe mind. About accommodations that we can find in this place are; Tien’s Place, it is not too far from iboih junction, it just 2 Km from it, Pulau Weh Dive Resort on Km Nol street, Seulako View Cafe & Bungalows that we can find along of highway, dan Steffen Sea Sports Home Staythat completed by sea sport shop.