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Laut Tawar Lake in Simeulue

Danau laut Tawar di Simeulue

Danau laut Tawar di Simeulue

Laut Tawar Lake in Simeulue. From the information that was received from Zulmufti (Head of Culture and Tourism of Simeulue), there are two Laut Tawar lakes in Simeulue. One is in Simeulue Barat and the second is in Teluk Dalam.

“This Laut Tawar Lake that we visit is the larger one which is located in Teluk Dalam or in Kuala Bakti Village precisely. The distance is about 40 km from the city of Sinabang”, said Zulmufti.

Near the lake we saw floating food stalls. The team then chose to sit in the larger floating food stall and ordered a couple of cups of coffee and tea. One member from our team took a small boat that was moored near a floating food stalll.

Then he was paddling the boat in the middle of the lake. Our photographer subsequently snapped some photos on him. After that we saw children paddling small fishing boat carrying big water fish (tilapia).

In this floating food stalls we could also enjoy the chirping parrots, Murai Stone, and several other birds which are protected birds. These birds are put in the cages which are hanging on the wall between the floating food stalls belonging to local residents who make living from selling drinks and snacks around this Laut Tawar Lake.