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Melt water or rounded roots and Flowing

Said Akram

He, Said Akram, one of the national calligraphy painter who remain in the middle of rush storm Indonesian contemporary painting. The man who was born in Pidie in 1967, is the son of Said Ali Abdullah who is also a painter senior calligraphy in Aceh.


To hone and develop the ability to paint inherited by his father, he continued his higher education at the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta. In this city, a man who has begun to organize the exhibition of calligraphy painting since 1989, started a lot to learn and know the life.


Having gained a lot of experience in the world of art in Yogyakarta, he returned to KotaBanda Aceh. In the city where she gave birth to many new ideas and put in the form of visual painting, which gave rise to characteristic different calligraphy with other paintings in Indonesia.


In some of his works, Said Akram said, the composition of which led to the accident he come up with a visual balance. The balance is that the balance of the spiritual side is trying to remind people to respond to live in harmony with nature and the creator.


For example as the result of his work entitled Forest Damage, Flood (2007), son of the couple Said Ali Abdullah and Khadija Cutwan is trying to talk to the audience of calligraphy painting. Remind people need to maintain the balance of nature, not destroying it, and what are the consequences if forests are destroyed.


“I tried to give you a strong energy content in each of my calligraphy paintings. So that the works that I kanvaskan is entered into imaginary spaces that not only contain spiritual values are very high. How we menyingkapi live in harmony with nature and the Creator, “he explained.


Painter who ever held a solo painting exhibition at Gallery Copyright III, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta in 2004 chose the style of calligraphy paintings that highlight and take effect melt water that forms like pumpkin or root rounded and flowing. Two style, this then led to a characteristic of calligraphy paintings he made.


“There are demands creativity and innovation so that at that time I tried to find new forms so that I could get out of the siege grip raw calligraphy writing ever before. Finally I decided to take the water that melted and rounded roots and flowed into my painting style, “he explained.


Said Akram explains the philosophy of soft water, air, and a real blessing givers have power if dikanvaskan into calligraphy painting. Water can also be elements that are knit and bind that has meaning. Likewise with the rounded shape of the root.