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Need A Four Stars Hotel

Accommodation is a sector that needs to be properly developed in Sabang today, especially in the hotel. There have been an massive influx of visitors coming to Sabang on holiday seasons. Recently hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation in Sabang can not provide enough rooms for many visitors especially when there are national and international events. The government of Sabang invites investors to build hotels mainly for four stars hotels.

“Sabang badly needs four-star hotels. There have been many guests from Jakartaand other cities requesting for a four or five-star hotels for staying in Sabang. In addition, they would like to conduct meetings and other activities in this kind of hotel, “said Zulkifli.

In the meantime, he stated, if there are the activities from the central ministries and the provincial departments, these activities would be conducted in the Mayor’office, which can accommodate guests on the fourth floor with a capacity of about 400 people. “Obviously they will feel a little uncomfortable when conducting ativities in the public office on the fourth floor. Well, if there are investors who want to build hotels in Sabang, the Mayor would be greatly welcoming them.

However, the government of Sabang is committed to prohibit investors to build factories that can pollute and contaminate the environment. Investors are free to invest in Sabang as long as it will not be destructive for the environment.

Each investor will get the ease of opening a business license. The municipality of Sabang even will provide incentive to any investor, such as tax-free for the first two years. This commitment was awarded by the Vice President in 2013 for which Sabang is one of the top ten (10) cities in Indonesia in terms of giving licenses to facilitate investors, stated by the Mayor of Sabang. (Team)