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Nuance of War at Fort Anoi Itam


Nuance of War at Fort Anoi Itam

Sabang is not only known as the “the city of 44 Aulia”, but also it is known as “the City of 1001 Fortress”. This is because there are many heritage forts built by Japanese soldiers that are located along the shoreline Weh Island. The Japanese army landed in Weh Island on March 12, 1942. These Japanese soldiers then built underground tunnels along the coast as the bastion. But after three years fighting in the World War II the Japanese was defeated by the Allies and they subsequently left all its occupied regions, including the Weh Island.


Now, the nuance of war can be felt when visiting the city of Sabang, Aceh Province. One of the Japanese Forts is Anoi Itam which is located in the village of Sukajaya, about 8 kilometers from the City.


Aceh Tourism met Mahruzar (50), a tourist from Medan in Anoi Itam with his family in May 2014. Mahruzar and his family went into the underground of these Japanese forts.


“These forts proved the strength of the Japanese Army. With only 3.5 years in the war the Japanese soldiers managed to build bunkers and survived here before they were forced back to Japan”, as explained by Mahruzar.


Mahruzar and children pictured together almost at every corner of the tunnel facing the Indian Ocean. Their visit ended in a roofed observation space located on a hilltop. Entering this room, we can pretend to be a Dutch soldier. They were sitting in the 3-meter long cannon with its front could be shown to the Bukit Barisan Mountains of Sumatra at the end of the ocean through the viewfinder.


Mahruzar and his family were not heading to the Northern Fort. Meanwhile according to Ibrahim Daud who guided Aceh Tourism throughout of the day, the traces of Japanese soldiers relics can be felt profoundly when going around the hills.


Aceh Tourism then were going along the ridge heading towards the North. The scenery looked more exotic. At one point of the trail, coral stone structure at the sea resembled a temple. In the crevices of coral, we saw a swarm of nemo fish playing under the sea’s surface colored turquoise.


Ibrahim then with Aceh Tourism went to the underground tunnel at the south end, which is located right on the edge of the hill and directly adjacent to the sea. Turquoise sea level is also seen along the south side. We climbed the steps to the east of the hill which is covered by trees. Some tunnels are still visible point until it reaches the exit which is at a different path when entering this Japanese fort site. Previously, Aceh Tourism entered through the main door. Approximately 100 meters of a tavern on the edge of the highway, which is about 14 km drive from the central town of Sabang.


In the road trip on Wednesday morning, Aceh Tourism were watching the exotic Sumur Tiga Beach and Anoi Itam Beach on the left road. You will be watching these both beautiful beaches before reaching the Japanese fort site. (Team).