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One diesel Floating World Wonders

PLTD Apong

Shipwreck Diesel Power ( diesel ) Floating PLN being dragged around 3 Kilometers inland Gampong ( village ) Punge Blang Cut , District of New Jaya , Banda Aceh on December 26, 2014 set weighs about 2,600 tons , with a length of approximately 63 M2 and 1,900 meters wide . Shipwrecks that have been used as a tourist attraction tsunami that was supposed to be one of the wonders of the world .

City Government ( City Government ) mewacanakan Banda Aceh , one of the tourist icon of the tsunami in Banda Aceh was to be one of the wonders of the world . This discourse was born because of Banda Aceh City Government see vessels that weigh thousands of tons of it has a remarkable history that is not owned in other regions or countries .

” A lot of things are the reason why the discourse was born . Seeing the boat weight , then distance traveled , then again he ( ship diesel Float ) could stand in the middle of the ghetto . The incident has opened the eyes of all the people , how dasyatnya tsunami wave force could carry such a heavy ship , “said Vice Mayor of Banda Aceh , Hj . Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal , SE some time ago .

Illiza back exposing discourse and has long expressed a hope Mayor of Banda Aceh , Ir Mawardy Nurdin M.Eng , Sc to Aceh Tourism Magazine Editorial Team who visit and stay in touch in his office , 3rd floor , City Hall Banda Aceh .

PLN ship before the trail not far from Ulee Lheue never illuminate Banda Aceh in 2003 and with the strength of the electrical current of 10.5 MW . According Illiza again , silent witness tsunami nine years ago was indeed deserves to be as one of the wonders of the world .

However Illiza said , to realize that discourse , the length of time necessary to fulfill the requirements that must be met . Like realizing Komodo Island become 7 wonders of the world .

“The tsunami becana the largest in the world . Insha Allah , hopefully along with the course of time , the existence of this Floating diesel into a wonder of the world , ” he said as he mengaminkan .

In addition to having a plan to convert the diesel Buoyancy as one of the wonders of the world . Banda Aceh City Government through the Department of Culture and Pariwisatan , unceasingly continue to explore the potential of other attractions that can be used as a new destination for foreign and local tourists visiting the capital city of Aceh province that is not so wide .

” As the findings of the historical greatness of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam in the Village Pande and Gampong Java by our archaeologists . Settling will continue to do, even though it requires a lot of fund . It is expected that two village in the district this Kutaraja into a historical attraction , thereby increasing the local economy , ” said Illiza.

No doubt, tourism has contributed much to the increase in revenue ( PAD ) of Banda Aceh . From the beginning of PAD is now increased by about 5 billion to hundreds of billions . According to information received from the Tourism Aceh Deputy Mayor of Banda Aceh , the large revenue earned from hotel and restaurant tax .

Call Illiza in 2013 there was an increase to 15 percent from the previous year . Hotel taxes targeted at Rp6.470.000.000 and realization Rp8.236.552.250 . So is the targeted number of restaurants and realization Rp5.675.000.000 Rp6.118.927.014 . ( Saniah LS )