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Peering craftsmen rencong baet mosque in the village

Not Afdhal it when they travel to an area without carrying mementoes or souvenirs typical of the area. Usually the goods into the hands of the fruit has cultural and historical value for a region.

Well, if you make a trip to the farthest provinces in Sumatra, Aceh, then you will see many stalls selling souvenirs at tourist destinations. Among these, Takengon (Central Aceh), Pidie Jaya (Pijay), Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Kota Sabang, and Aceh Singkil. Start of rencong, brooches, handbags, wallets, kupiah, songket, batik cloth to.

But if you are curious and want to know more closely the manufacturing process, so if you come to the city of Banda Aceh should you took time to visit the village of Baet Mosque, Sibreh subdistrict, Aceh Besar. The distance is not too far around 22 Kilometers or half by road from Banda Aceh.

In the village mosque Baet, you will meet the artisans who generally cultivated rencong the adam’s. They memandai hereditary iron to be rencong.

As acted, Dani rencong one craftsman who has been struggling since last ten years. The 28-year-old man since graduated from high school have been studying the manufacture rencong from his parents. He now has its own subscriptions ordered dagger coming from a variety of souvenir shops in the city of Banda Aceh.

“About a hundred men here work as rencong maker,” Dani said some time ago to the media on the sidelines busy making traditional weapon of Aceh.

According to Dani, be it professional craftsmen rencong keep the men in the three villages.But they still take the time to work on the rice as usual.

He admitted in a day, the average craftsman can complete two rencong. The village also has a place to print their own currency rencong of brass. Then, then mounted hilt and sheath made of buffalo or cow horn.

Light-ot Baet village and the village of Ba-et Meusagoe, two neighboring villages Baet village mosque into the village maker heirloom. Men here continue to maintain and preserve a weapon which has the value of cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Three villages were also frequent travelers who want to see the arrival of the direct manufacturing process of manufacture. Visitors not only get to see from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process rencong. But they also get the traditional weapon of Aceh L-shaped carved “Basmallah” (length 10 cm to 50 cm) from the craftsmen at a cheaper price than a souvenir shop.

From observations of this medium, in every house there is a special place for the artisans they work. Building without walls 3×4 Meter was made of concrete. “This place was built by BRR first,” said Dani.

Rencong for the people of Aceh, has cultural and historical value is high. So the traditional weapons ureung Aceh (Acehnese) is commonly used by nobles, warlords, against the invaders now can you get as a souvenir to share with colleagues, relatives, friends, and family.

This tool of war in the language of the colonial period Acehnya called rincong. Rincong is a symbol of courage or bravery of the fighters in Aceh during the colonial troops against the Portuguese, Japanese, and Dutch as well. In the spirit of struggle, rencong ranging cultural heritage and is now in demand as a souvenir.