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Pulo Aceh gem Not Touched

Pulo Aceh coast

Pulo Aceh is a region located dipaling end of the territorial limits of the province of Aceh , the region is divided to two island and Pulo Pulo Nasi Breuh . The second is called the island of Pulo Aceh is one of the District under the government of Aceh Besar district .

Its location is very strategic and not far from the city of Banda Aceh which is the Capital of the Province , making this island has the potential to be developed as one of the attractions area in the province of Aceh . Because sea water is crystal clear , bluish green .

Pulo Aceh is Indonesia’s westernmost village girl who is like a hidden beauty . Beauty charm and beauty of unspoiled Pulo Aceh is very sell . But unfortunately not been touched and polished so it deserves to be a tourist destination in Aceh Besar district .

The media team was first setting foot on the outer islands and still lag in Indonesia, we immediately ” fell in love ” . Because the beauty of natural scenery and baharinya are still ” virgin ” .

From the hills , using makeshift transport by road is paved , we see unusual sights seen on other islands in Aceh . The scenery is inviting smacking amazed that inexhaustible .

Colored sand beaches fringe creams , seemingly unequal rock stood a neat size , as well as dozens of trees niur ( coconut ) and spruce lining the sea shore . As if to say ” wellcome ” (welcome ) to us .

In our journey here , on Pulo Nasi we met with a caring community environment and natural preserve here . This community is called Single Root , who chaired Fauzi Ir David .

To the team , he is telling the media they work program . Including the development of Nipah Beach attractions , planting trees in coastal areas , coral reef rescue , and care about the natural potential .

“The community was formed as a Single Root of our concern for the environment and natural potential , especially in the Pulo Nasi . We had socialized tourism awareness to the local community and the development of Nipah Beach attractions , ” he said .

Pulo Aceh one of the districts in Aceh Besar in this district there are several small islands . Among Breuh Pulo , Pulo Nasi , Teunom Pulo , Pulo Jroeng , Teungkurak Pulo , Pulo Bunta , Mr. Flanked Pulo , Pulo U , Sidom Pulo , Pulo Geupon , and Pulo Lhee Blah . Only Pulo Pulo Nasi Breuh and inhabited , while the other islands no man’s land .

Oh yes , to be able to Pulo Aceh , you can use the services of a boat belonging to local fisherman perched on a small pier in Lampulo and Ulee Lheue . To get to Pulo Aceh time taken varied , depending on the distance of the village you will visit . Could be 2 or 4 hours ( if the sea were friendly ) . ( Tim )