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Riman cap Peci Nobility Aceh

Cap Riman | Saniah LS

Riman cap is a typical product of traditional Acehnese cap. Riman cap is a kind of cap worn by men nobility Aceh during the Sultan Iskandar Muda. Currently, many Riman cap manufactured home by mothers who lived in the village of Adan Boarding School, District East Pearl, Pidie District, as a sideline, in addition to farming and trade.

From the history, manufacture Riman cap has not done yet, but in 1985 the business of making this Riman cap revived. Initially, villagers dayah Adan to cap Riman to meet their personal needs. However, because of the demand and the price is also quite high, so that serve as livelihood.

Riman Kupiah knitter in dayah Adan | Saniah LS.

Mariami, Chairman of the Group Income Family Welfare (UPPKS) Flower Riman which also Mrs. Keuchik (Mother headman) Boarding School Village Adan together 10 housewives in the village (village) it, making handicrafts Pidie this as their home products.


Every day, on the sidelines of leisure time, Mariami and his group to cap Riman on the porch or living room of their home. Traditional headgear worn by men Aceh, made from palm tree fiber raw material (fiber used submis- tree) and using natural dyes from plants.

“Almost every family here smart to cap Riman. Skills to cap, we get handed down from our ancestors. So that our village is known as the village craftsmen cap Riman, “said Mariami.

According Mariami, a month this group was able to make two to three submis- cap. After the cap so, skullcap collected and then brought to the souvenir shops in the districts of Pidie, Banda Aceh, and some districts / cities in Aceh, for sale. Riman cap sold starting at a price range of 150 thousand to 400 thousand per fruit (according to the size and fineness of yarn).


Marketing cap Riman not only marketed around Aceh, but also scattered in several regions in Indonesia and even have up to neighboring countries, Malaysia. Many traditional cap worn by officials of Aceh, was booked and then taken to the outside of Aceh, as a souvenir / by the typical Aceh Pidie.


Making traditional Acehnese headgear requires special skills and a certain patience. Although simple shape. to cap it takes a long time, ranging from the manufacture of yarns to spin into the cap.

“If a cap weave process takes about 15 to 30 days workmanship. Because we do in times of leisure, “said Mariami.

Making cap Riman starts from the process of making the thread first. Threads of fiber palm tree trunk that requires the longest time a week. Starting from palm tree trunks making choices, coloring, to be spools.

“These yarns are usually made in two colors, black and yellow gold,” he said again.

As for the shape, cap that seals the head men in Aceh was produced UPPKS Group Flower Riman in round and oval shapes. While to beautify, skullcap given various kinds of pattern typical of Aceh. Among the door Aceh, Pucok rebong, Bungong keupula (kupula interest), Bungong tron, Bungon puteng, chain, fence, crab legs, and floral shoot.


There are about 20 motifs developed UPPKS groups Flower Riman. Because, the motives of the cap Riman considered as a work of art that has aesthetic values, so that the price cap head covering traditionally high Aceh. And only worn by men the upper middle class.


Yarn Making Process


At first fiber yarn made from the leaf midrib submis-, but because the tree is getting harder to be replaced with a palm tree fronds. Palm tree frond taken then beaten-Tap in a standing position until the pulp fiber is wasted. After the fibers on the palm tree fronds removed one by one by using a needle.


After the fiber palm tree frond creamy it is separated between the smooth and rough before staining. Ohya, fine fiber is used on the outside kupiah, while coarse used inside kupiah. Then given color (black / yellow gold).


Coloring process is done in a way, the fibers of palm tree fronds boiled in a pot in which has been coated with taro leaves. After the fibers had been inserted into the pot containing water mixed with peuno leaf, flower leaf cape, and coconut pistil, then boiled for about 10 hours.


When finished boiling, fiber yarns of palm tree frond dilumpurkan for two days. After it is removed and dianginkan. Then washed with water squeeze peuno leaves. This process (plant fiber into the mud) carried out for three times. After that the fibers knitted into skullcap Riman. (Saniah LS)