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Simeulue on the Eyes of Scott Williams

Laut simeulue indahOn Nancala – Maudil Beach (on the border of two villages in Teupah West) , or about 28 Kilometers from the city of Sinabang, on the beach with the waves visiting by many surfers, we met an American named Scott Williams.

Scott Willims

The 58 -year -old man who maried an Indonesian woman said to Aceh Tourism that he has been living in Simueluefor about 15 years. This friendly man who is able to speak Indonesian fluently is quite respected in Simeulue because he has promoted this Island to many foreign tourists in various parts of the world through his social networking media.

Scott(his nickname) firstly visited Simeulue in 1998, and he came out in certain time only for extension his visa.He has spent time and brought along his wife an Sundanese to live with him in Simeulue.

“I love this island very much. I havevisited almost all the exotic places in the world but Simeulue is an island that has made me to stay in for the rest of my f life ,” said the man who was interested in surfing and diving.

According to Scott, the interesting aspect from Simeulue island that makes it is different from other places in the world is that this Island offers a complete tourist spots. “One day you could be in the sea, surfing, diving and doing other beach activities, the next day you can easily hike in mountainous areas that are very natural, “adding by Scott.BATU BERLAYAR

The man who has been building a beach resort in Nancala said our destinations that we have visited were just relatively small part of the beauty of Simeulue Island. If we had explored eight districts in Simuelue and dived and surfed in its beaches that ultimately you have found tourist paradise in this “west pearl” of Aceh. “Simeulue is truly exotic,” stated by Scott, as our brief conversation with him ended.