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Suiseki stones Ranked First in Indonesian Aceh



Batu Suseki

Collecting rocks, for the rock collector, becomes its own satisfaction, because the types of rocks that were collected, the talk was very interesting for lovers of rock community, either agate, precious stones, and suiseki.

Abah Mahfuddin, so call in call in a familiar rock community, he collected many types of stone, particularly Suiseki stones. According to Abah, suiseki is, there is a stone in a particular watershed. This type of stone, shaped by natural processes very long, so the former volcanic rock is formed by itself, with a variety of unique and interesting shapes.


Call Abah Mahfuddin, there are several categories of forms of this suiseki. Shape its form can form something similar to objects, such as a mountain shape, the shape of certain animals, and a variety of other forms.

“Stone Suiseki is quite rare, because the stone is not readily available in every river, but it is only found in certain watersheds,” he explained. To get this stone, Abah frequent expeditions to some of the river basins in Aceh with some friends who also like to collect this type of stone.Usually they do expeditions, when the dry season arrives.


Because according to Abah, the watershed was dry, so the stones are in hurry Abah Mahfuddin and his friends, come to the surface of the river. Thus, this suiseki hunters can easily get stones want collected.

Price suiseki stones collected Abah, when judged by the price, it can range from ten to hundreds of millions of dollars. According Abah suiseki Aceh, has a very unique shape compared suiseki contained in other parts of Indonesia.

This is evident, when Abah Mahfuddin collection included at National level exhibition and Asia Pacific in Jakarta. Abah collection was selected as the first winner (first place / best collection) suiseki.