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Takengon, Heaven For The Coffeeholic

danau laut tawar

Danau Laut Tawar

The Paradise Land. That’s a cool nickname for the city Takengon, Central Aceh. It seemed that title is not an exaggeration. Central Aceh beautiful natural plus natural wealth in the form of a nutritious plant thrives there. But this natural wealth feels more complete with the quality arabica coffee plant has such worldwide.

In the hilly area surrounded by millions of arabica coffee plant, also grows avocado or avocado tree ( Persea americana ), which produces rich green fruit properties. Production of both crops typical of Central Aceh is not half-hearted. Gayo Arabica coffee is grown on an area of ​​48 thousand hectares of green bean yield as much as 27.7 thousand tons per year. While green avocado fruit, production reached 1,522 kilograms per year. The difference, Gayo Arabica coffee is a commodity while the avocado export more to local needs.


Before arriving at the town of Takengon, sense of smell coffeeholic be tempted by the aroma of coffee Arabica Gayo. Along the road into the town of Takengon, a cafe would welcome the presence of the coffee lovers. The road across the country bireuen – Takengon and enter the central highlands, coffee leaf waving on the left side of the road sign welcoming remarks to the coffee lovers.


Next, arrived at Simpang Teritit – the central highlands about 12 miles before entering the town of Takengon – coffee lovers can enjoy treats a variety of drinks in two variants Degot cafe called Cafe and Bergendaal Koffie.


While about 4 kilometers before reaching the entrance of Takengon, coffee lovers again greeted City Limits Cafe specialized in providing avocado coffee as one of the main menu drink. Then, 500 yards in front of him, precisely in Kampung Mongal there arabica coffee flavor laboratory belonging Haji Rashid of Oro Coffee Gayo. Moving on from here towards the direction of the town of Takengon, precisely in Simpang Empat Bebesen, attention Coffee lovers will be lured back by the presence of HR Cafe on the roadside.


Walking to the front again, still around Simpang Empat Bebesen, coffee lovers will again meet with various cafe. The main menu ? Various variants of the raw material coffee drinks. Arabica espresso like flavor and aroma that is very tempting. Cafe Bunda Hotel, Safe Cuba Cafe, ASA Cafe, Cafe Bayu Hill is preferred cafes coffee holic ‘attention before they actually enter the City of Takengon.


Is that all ? There are many. Sign in Takengon coffee lovers will arrive in Central Aceh Police front fork. Here, just select the path. Straight towards Simpang Lima is no Hip Coffee in the south of the Great Mosque Ruhama. While if it leads to Simpang Lima to Lake Laut Tawar, through SPG Old Road, coffee lovers will meet Nami Cafe.


If the coffee lovers of Simpang Lima leads to Market Street Instruction at Sengeda, Horace Cafe Coffee Gayo is very easy to find because it is located at a short distance from the Hotel Mahara. Approximately one kilometer of this cafe, that is, toward Plumpness, again coffeeholicbertemu Bergendaal Cafe which is located behind the bank. Looking ahead again, Cafe Coffee Lakun ready at any moment to welcome coffeeholic. Leaving Cafe Coffee Lakun, precisely in front of the gas station Jalan Lintang, coffee lovers meet with Latitude Cafe that provides espresso plus grilled fish.


But if in the previous fork coffee lovers turn right onto Blang Kejeren and Kutacane, right there in front of Cafe BRI BRI Takengon office. About 100 yards away, Cafe Aroma Coffee welcomed.


That’s it. Being in Takengon, tongue coffeeholic totally spoiled by dozens cafe. Average presented in the form of espresso drinks, black coffee, cappuccino, cafe late, civet coffee, coffee drinks and a variety of other variants. One of them is fairly well known coffee avocado.


Avocado Coffee, the content of both raw materials have been known to be efficacious antidote to type 2 diabetes and cancer. But the question of how to mix two different flavors of this commodity becomes a delicious drink, will find the answer if you know the figure named Win Ruhdi Batin. Because, from the hands of the manager of City Limits Cafe in Paya Tumpi, this Takengon created variant called avocado coffee drinks.


Its composition consists of a cup of espresso, milk foam, plus pure avocado juice. Meraciknya easy but it feels would be different than the original artificial peracik, Win Ruhdi Batin. While the raw material for a cup of espresso, said Win Ruhdi, which is derived from Gayo Arabica coffee beans.


The price of a cup of espresso is very cheap compared to the price set number of international cafes that dot the capital city of Jakarta. The cafe owner gave Takengon price for a cup of espresso is only Rp 6 thousand, and black coffee for $ 7 thousand.


Not complete it if exploring the natural beauty of the Central Highlands, Central Aceh, before enjoying a coffee or glass of avocado fruit cup of espresso arabica coffee options. And we can be sure coffeeholic not be a problem with the price if you want to taste it. For the price of a cup of espresso is very cheap compared to the price set number of international cafes that dot the capital city of Jakarta. The owners of the cafe in Takengon only set prices for secangkirespresso Rp 6 thousand, and Rp 7 thousand for a cup of black coffee.


The rest, if you are interested once wanted coffee in the middle of the coffee plantation. There is no choice other cities in Aceh except City Takengon place. Today, the Takengon awaits your arrival coffeeholic all. [Muhammad Shukri]