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The Double Pleasure of Suhom Waterfall


Kolam Ie Se-um

Lhoong Sub-district, Aceh Besar, is not only famous for its delicious durian, but also its beautiful and natural waterfall.If you visit Lhoong at the end of the year during durian season, you can also enjoy the double pleasure   of natural landscape and culinary tour. Indeed, you can eat durian while bathing in Suhom Waterfall.

Suhom Waterfall, also known as Lhoong Waterfall or Krueng Kala, is surrounded by many durian trees. When the harvest season starts, many seasonal durian sellers would display the strong aroma fruit nearby, along with local visitors that always fond of this place. The spring came from water in the surrounding naturally beautiful site, falls from the height of 20 meters to the river. Tens of durian trees stand firm among the valleys.

The destination’s distance is estimated 75 kilometers westward of Banda Aceh or around 3 kilometers from Banda Aceh-Calang main road, that’s about one hour trip with public transportation or car. It goes through the wonderful Lampuuk Beach, Lhoknga Beach, and Leupung Sub-district. Suhom Waterfall only costs 5,000 IDR (around 50 cent) for parking.

If you are hungry or thirsty after bathing, there are many small food stalls for snacks and beverages to boost up energy or release weariness. The durian season also attracts many visitors from other parts of Aceh Besar, and other districts such as Banda Aceh, Pidie, and Pidie Jaya.

Prior to arrive at the waterfall, these local visitors usually stop by to buy durian in Lam Sujen Village, where durian trees are abundant. It is also the origin of many durians sell in the roadside by the seasonal sellers.        

During durian season on December or January each year, thousands of durians from the community plantations are bought by traders and people that are planning to visit Suhom Waterfall. The price comes from estimated 5,000 IDR (around 50 cent) up to 20,000 IDR (around 2 USD) per piece.

It is easy to serve durian, as long as we are careful to open the thorn-covered fruit. This high cholesterol fruit is usually opened directly by splitting the cover, and then placed the fruits in a closed container or plastic. After the arrival at the waterfall, the durians will be ready to serve together with friends. However, some people choose to bring the whole durian with its thorn cover to the waterfall to keep its aroma and delightful taste. (Sal