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Tips on Trips to Aceh

Another heart, another ikannnya. Different sights, different preparation and clothing also should be taken. Not to mention choose the tour package that requires special equipment that you carry in accordance with the sights to be visited.

Aceh sharia cultural and tourist attractions tamaddun Islam have become icons. Such as Baiturrahman Mosque, tourists have always wanted to see a grandeur heritage of Islamic civilization was closer. To enter the grounds of the mosque you are required to wear decent clothes. Manager of the mosque has provided robes for women if you do not wear Islamic dress. But if you use a closed clothes and polite, you just need to bring pasmina to enter the shrine.

If you visit the special interest tours like exercising outdoors, consider clothing that facilitates the movement or use special clothes according to the type of tourist.

Aceh is relatively hot weather because it is surrounded by sea. If you have sensitive skin against ultraviolet rays, bring sunscreen or sunblock. Sunglasses also help you take a stroll while enjoying the blue sky above the sea.

Adjust your travel schedule with season in Aceh. Activities such as surfing or traveled to an island depends on the wind season is going on in Aceh. You can contact a travel agent who has information about safe and appropriate in Aceh at certain times. But no problem for tourists who want to tour citytour or tsunami.

Only in Aceh tourists can bargain the price, either public transport or in the traditional markets. You can bid price at the time the gift shop to buy souvenirs to take home.

Holidays are not complete without tasting the local cuisine. Aceh is a coffee lovers heaven. You have to taste the coffee milk called Sanger, who only exist in Aceh. Do not forget to taste the typical food-rich Aceh seasoning and flavor. Aceh has many typical restaurants Aceh spoil your tongue. If you have any problems with the stomach, more observant again choosing food and drink, as cooking spices in nanggroe was rich and spicy curry seasoning. [Yanti]