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Tsunami Museum History of the World Disaster


Museum Tsunami

Entering the museum from the ground floor visitors will go through the 2nd floor with a “hallway confusion”.Confusion hallway is dark alley flanked by two high walls in flowing water. Gurgling and rumbling echoedalong the hallway is a depiction of the moment when the tsunami struck. Out of the hall, there is a dimly lit room walled mirror. Inside this space, dozens of visual devices that contain photographs of the tsunamitragedy stuck on the walls that stand in neat formation.


Moving on from this space, a conical-shaped room chimney up to the roof is a room that contains the names of the victims of the tsunami. The names of the victims were displayed along the walls bowler indesign to lead to a name on its roof. That lafaz Allah in Arabic calligraphy which is the end of every name.


After displaying the name of the victim’s room,visitors will go through the bridge to reach thesecond floor. From here will appear atmosphere 1st floor which is an open area that is equipped with a pool in the middle and some inscriptions in the form of a round stone inscribed the name of the countriesthat provide assistance in the event of a disaster inAceh. If visitors look towards the bridge it will lookat the countries that helped the peace in Aceh,complete with the word peace in accordance with thenational languages of those countries.

On the 2nd floor there is a tsunami museumaudiovisual documentary screening event for the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh. On this floor there is also a room that contains some footage of the incident tsunami in Aceh. Besides pictures of the tsunami, on this floor there is also a diorama andartifacts trace the tsunami. Being on the floor is liketo be among the first victims of the tsunami.