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Vice Regent : Exploring and Developing Potential

Simeulue has abundant several seafood commodities, such as lobsters and sea cucumbers. In addition, as mentioned by the Vice of Bupati Simeulue, Hasrul Edyar, S.Sos, M.AP to Aceh Tourism some time ago in Sinabang, now more people in Simeulue have been planting banana trees in order to get fiber to be used for paper money.

Furthermore, they will support the SMEs particularly in handicrafts and food products that hopefully would be typical leading products of Simeulue.

Hasrul said that for example the government will help develop marketing and train SMEs which produce several important products in Simeulue, such as sea cucumber crackers, handcrafts made from seashell, and mat. Currently we are planning to build trade centers for selling leading products from Simeulue in several selected areas, such as around the port, the airport, and around tourist areas that are frequently visited by tourists.

In addition, in various exhibitions held in Jakarta and outside Simeulue, the Dekranasda (District’s trade board) will promote and showcase several leading products from Simeulue. And therefore the Vice Bupati of Simeulue stated that the government will be ready to support the SMEs in producing whatever products that will become typical souvenirs for guests who visit Simeulue.

Hasrul mentioned that without supporting by public, the development of tourism in Simeulue can not run properly. Moreover it is worth to restate the hope of Bupati Simeulue that the tourism sector can boost the economy of community in various sectors. (Saniah LS)