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Welcome Sabang International Regatta 2014


Foto: AK. Jailani | Kapal Yacht saat mengikuti Sabang International Regatta 2011

Sabang International Regatta was successfully held in 2011. Dozens of yachts from Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, France, New Zealand, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, and other countries docked at Gapang Beach, Sabang in September 2011.

The Weh Island is located at the entrance of Malacca Strait. This strategic location makes this international yacht sailing is great to be held in this Island. In addition, Sabang has a beautiful international marine tourism.

The international sailing yacht in 2011 was assisted by the Indonesian Sailing Federation. The participants started the route from Phuket, Thailand, to Langkawi, Malaysia, and Weh Island as their final destination.

This year Sabang International Sailing Regatta will be held in two days, from 1 to 2 November 2014, as stated by the Head of Sabang’s Culture and Tourism Department Zulfi Purnawati to Aceh Tourism. The Government of Sabang helped by Sabang Development Board (BPKS) will be hosting this international sailing yacht and trying to make the event to be successful.

“Thank God, the people of Sabang had welcomed and been supportive for the first international sailing event significantly. Participants can come and see the natural beauty of Sabang,” stated by the Mayor of Sabang Zulkifli Adam. International events in Sabang are a good way for promoting Sabang. Even Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has supported Sabang to become an international tourist destination, as he asserted when opening the sixth (6) Aceh Cultural Week in 2013 in Banda Aceh, last year. (Team)